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  • Should I request my contractor install light motion sensors in my house to save money?


    Light motion sensor switches have been a popular way for companies to save money while being considered more environmentally conscious. This same technology used in commercial applications is available for your home. This simple, efficient and durable lighting approach can stand up to the test of every day usage. So, what are light motion sensors? Indoor light motion sensors will turn the lights on in a room when it detects any motion and will automatically turn the lights off after a certain period of time if there is no motion detected. Seems like a simple principle because it is! But does it work and will it save me money?

    One of the concerns many people have is that since it is plugged in – sensing motion all the time, does it use energy? Motion sensing switches do have some phantom energy use. Let’s run a quick scenario, for example, if a motion sensor switch uses about a watt of energy on standby mode for 23 hours a day and 5 watts on active mode for about an hour a day, this could trim a bit off of your overall savings. So what is the real cost, over the course of a month, according to the NPR.org, the nationwide average of electricity costs $0.12 per kilowatt hour, the switch itself may use up to 0.84 kilowatt hours, or about $0.10 of energy, per month. Compare this with kids or family member leaving the light switch on for hours at a time and this can add up, room by room.

    I would recommend these of many areas of your home! Never have to yell, “turn the lights off” anymore! What are areas of the house where you might accidentally leave the lights on for long periods without noticing. Hallways, closets, bedrooms, laundry rooms, utility closets and bathrooms. This is particularly true if there are multiple lights on that switch. Living room and family rooms seem to be two areas where lights get turned on and never turned off, kids walking away into the kitchen or bedrooms, simply leaving the lights on for someone else to turn off.

    Let’s look at another example, who many lights are in a light fixture? The light fixture in our guest bedroom has four lights in it. If these all contained sixty (60) watt bulbs and we left it on for a day, the energy use alone would have made the automatic light switch worth it! Or what about your bathroom? Often the bathroom lights are “caught” on, but how many lights are in that fixture, heating up the room and driving up your energy usage? And how many hours per day were they accidentally left on?

    Not only can light motion sensors help with the consumption of energy but a few innovations have made them ideal for bathrooms with an added humidity sensor built-in, which can automatically turn of bathroom fans, not only reducing humidity but energy as well. See http://www.enerlites.com/enerlites-dwhos-dual-tech-pir-humidity-wall-sensor-switch for more information.

    According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), electricity now accounts for 61% of all energy consumed in commercial buildings. If you translate that percentage to your home, look at your bill and calculate that high percentage and how effective light motion sensors could be. So ask your contractor to install as many energy efficient devices as possible in your home! Light motion sensors can easily be installed in new construction as well as remodels and retrofits. Our technical experts can guide your contractor to select the right products for your application.

  • LFI 2017 - Book an appointment to receive a FREE USB Charger Receptacle!

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  • New Release Plug Load Control

    Enerlites Wireless Plug Load Controller is designed with simplicity, and
    helps to make plug load control requirements easy to understand, implement, and
    operate. Plug Load Control requirements are being driven by expanded codes and
    standards with the common goal of energy efficiency. These requirements often pose
    challenges when planning the layout of a building, constructing electrical systems, and
    identifying controlled receptacles. Plug load control can be easily achieved by
    installing the Enerlites Controlled Plug Load into the branch existing wiring system and
    paired with the Plug Load Controller Wireless PIR Occupancy Sensor. The two are
    bound by a reliable wireless, RF connection. The Controlled Receptacle features an
    internal relay for switching the plug load on/off according to the sensor's occupancy or
    vacancy detection. Plug Load Receptacle should be installed to switch outlets used
    for task lighting, monitor, flat screen TV, and non-essential equipment in private
    offices, conference rooms, open offices, lunch rooms and break rooms and other
    areas in commercial buildings.

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  • Now Available 51300 LED Dimmer

    2017 is finally here! and to start off the new year, Enerlites would like to introduce our new 51300 LED dimmer! This newly design attractive LED dimmer allows you to control any LED, CFL, Incandescent and Fluorescent lights.


    • Single Pole / Three-Way
    • Incandescent & Halogen bulbs 700W
    • Dimmable LED & CFL bulbs up to 150W
    • Compatible with most high efficacy light bulb
    • Rated At 120V AC, 60Hz
    • Unique mini paddle switch with side light level slider

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    Enerlites will be attending this year LightFair International! Be sure to stop by our booth #6937 to check out some of newest innovative and most advance products in the market.

  • Energy Management Congress 2015

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  • New HET06-R 7- Button Preset Time Switch

    Dear Valued Enerlites Inc Customer,

    We are pleased to announce the latest advancement to our popular electronic in-wall timer Item/single-news HET06-R-W.By improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our products we insure the best quality and service for our customers. This Electroni Programmable Timer has been engineered to include an additional 1000 wattage capability as well as an extended time... function up to 4


    Lumiah Inc. - Montreal, Canada "Working with Enerlites has been great! Excellent products at a very competitive price. Everyone has been efficient and understanding and always more then....happy to help. We recommend Enerlites to all our... customers." - Arie Benchaya, President of Lumiah Inc.

  • Electrical Supplies Unlimited

    Enerlites Inc. is proud to welcome Electrical Supplies Unlimited Inc. SD on becoming one of our new distributor! "Enerlites products have not only met our expectations, but exceeded them. We've.... been selling their product lines to our customers since January 2015, and have never had any returns or complaints. The devices have a great appearance, are attractively packaged, and Enerlites always has sufficient inventory." - Ed Friedlein, President of ESU Inc.

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