Best uses for electrical floor boxes in residential applications.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 America/Los_Angeles by Enerlites


I understand that electrical floor boxes have been used in industrial applications like hotels and offices for some time. There convenience and streamline design seem like they would also be applicable for home use. Are these types of electrical floor boxes coming to a home near me or can I install these type of boxes myself in my house?

You are correct, many innovative home builders are using pop up floor boxes and floor box receptacles in new homes as a way to modernize homes and provide home buyers with the features they want in a cost effective way. If you’re building or retrofitting a home, you can now put an electrical outlet anywhere you want. No longer do they have to be in a row on the wall. Electrical floor boxes can be installed in cabinets, by fireplaces or right into wood or tile flooring. Pop up floor boxes are also catching on in desks and granite countertops, right in the kitchen.

Talk to your electrical contractor or architect to get their input on where and how they can be installed so that they comply with local code and regulations. If remodeling a home office Enerlites has floor box receptacles with RJ45 connectors for you home network which are UL listed. For areas where water or liquids may be of concern they also have weatherproof floor boxes. For added convenience many floor boxes can pop-up so access is even easier.

Although technology is moving fast, right now we are still stuck with plugging devices and lights into electrical receptacle outlets. But what if you want a lamp or a place to plug in your laptop or hand held tablet in the middle of a room. There’s no reason to be stuck with an ugly extension cord running long your floor, also causing a trip hazard. Why not install an electrical floor box or pop-up floor box right where you want it? Remember, when dealing with electricity it is also important to defer to a licensed electrician professional but an experienced DIY may be able install a floor box themselves. Cutting in and mounting a steel outlet box is a job anyone with basic carpentry skills can handle. Connecting the power can be a little trickier and may also require a building permit from your city. Often electrical building inspectors may give you free advice but if there’s any doubt and you’re not confident please contact a licensed electrician.

Really there’s no reason why you should not have a power outlet wherever you need one. Electrical floor boxes are no longer just for commercial and industrial applications. Installing them in your home is easy and makes sense. For a list of cost effective, durable floor box solutions check out our selection at or contact your local electrical distributor for easy delivery of the items you need.