Project Lighting Solutions for Commercial Properties


Commercial buildings represent over 87 billion square feet of space in the United States. According to the Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS) report, commercial building are defined as anything greater than 1,000 square feet and devote more than 50 percent of their space to activities that are not manufacturing, agricultural, industrial or residential. With so much square footage available for use, it brings a myriad of opportunities to improve old building through retrofits and design in great energy savings lighting controls for new construction. According to the report, commercial buildings consume 36% of all electricity making them one of the largest generators of Greenhouse gases in the world.

Enerlites has solutions to help! For example, an energy efficient lighting retrofit can represent one of the best ways for a building operation manager or property management company to reduce costs. A well designed and implemented lighting retrofit can help reduce energy usage by 60% while improving property values and making it more attractive to potential clients. We would like to help you and support your implementation and designs on your commercial projects.

Much of the energy consumed can also be looked at in the terms of just how much is being wasted, when are employee, computers and equipment not being utilized? Plug load controls can help shut down electricity flow and help eliminate waste. Occupancy motion sensors, and timer switches, whether in an office environment, retail or medical building can help control waste and create comfortable modern environments.

With simple implementation of occupancy / vacancy sensors, plug load controls, or high bay motion sensors, efficiency and energy reductions can start to make an immediate and along term positive savings. The CBECS says, electricity usage increased by 19% since 2003, the last year for which report results are available. So as you plan and design, Enerlites products are designed for rugged commercial, industrial and hospital environments. All products are UL listed and comply with California Tile 24 conditions. As a builder, not only will our products help reduce longer term energy consumption for your clients, but also save you money in your build costs because we are driven to deliver innovative cost effective, durable solutions..

Our lighting controls are ideal for:

1. Office Buildings: single tenant offices, small professional office buildings, large multi-building campuses or skyscrapers
2. Retail: Large big box centers, chain restaurants, stand-alone stores and shopping centers
3. Health Care Centers: Hospitals, medical office buildings, specialists and nursing homes


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