Project Solutions for Builders and Designers of Hotels, Motels and Resorts


Enerlites designs and delivers scalable lighting and wiring solutions for all aspects of building and remodeling for the Hospitality Industry. Our advanced products will create comfortable innovative rooms while helping you save on energy costs. Our aggressively priced products mean every builder can install cutting edges products while saving money.

Meeting stringent standards for industrial building codes our UL listed, California title 24 compliant products not only meet your tough requirements for certification but also deliver quality second to none. Our beautiful yet durable products work well for a variety of moods and interiors you are trying to create. Plus, energy metering and diming controls create a win-win for all involved.

With over 50,000 hotels and motels in the United States competing for business, let our lighting controls and wiring devices help improve your margins while attracting more customers to your modern features. With endless review sites out there, let your property be known for and stand out from the others with motion sensors, USB electrical floor boxes and other eco-friendly devices. Imagine guests walking into a room, hands full from a long day of work or sightseeing and lights automatically turning on. Guests having the flexibility to dim switches to set moods or easily plug in their phones to USB ports conveniently located in desks or the floor.

Not only can you save money in guest rooms but we have lighting solutions for all areas of your property, hallways, corridors, lobbies, restaurants and parking lots.

Combine energy code compliant solutions for automatic shut-off, daylight zone control, dimming and plug load control, innovative USB boxes for desks and floors, all creating functional and energy efficient spaces. Our in-house design engineers can help support your design needs. From a single guest room to an entire campus of facilities, Enerlites provide you the ability to integrate scalable lighting systems, access controls and reduce electrical waste. Whether you are remodeling and updating for efficiency or in the early planning stages of building we can help.

Our products are ideal for:

1. Guest rooms and suites
2. Hallways
3. Conference room and meeting halls
4. Restaurants and breakfast areas
5. Parking areas and underground garages


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