Enerlites High Speed Interchangeable USB Charger

Replacing a damage USB connect has never been easier
Never worry about the hassle of looking for a USB Port device!

The High Speed USB Charger provides exceptional
convenience for charging your mobile devices.



Dateline - Enerlites, Irvine, CA
DECEMBER 21, 2017

Enerlites Introduces Innovative Dual Technology PIR/Humidity Wall Sensor Switch

DWHOS -PIR/humidity wall sensor switch

Enerlites, Inc. is proud to announce their new PIR/Humidity Wall Sensor Switch, which is an innovative two-in-one device. The device combines two technologies – a passive infrared technology to detect motion, and a humidity sensor to monitor the slightest change in humidity levels. The humidity sensor detects moisture levels, turning on and off as needed, thereby making this detection technology ideal for high-moisture locations like bathrooms and kitchens, spas, wet rooms, etc.

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Dateline - Enerlites, Irvine, CA
DECEMBER 11, 2017

Energy-efficient Dimmer Switches

decorator dimmer switches

Enerlites introduces energy-efficient, multi-location dimmer switches, which provide a wide range of dimming performance. The switch is designed for dimmable LED and CFL’s up to 150 W.
Enerlites, a leading manufacturer of high-quality lighting controls, and wiring devices, is excited to introduce 57302 & 57302-3K: a line of decorator dimmer switches with easy wiring controls. The dimming capabilities of these switches range between 0 -100 %. The switches are compatible with most high-efficiency light bulbs available in the market.

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Dateline - Enerlites, Irvine, CA
NOVEMBER 20, 2017.

Special Discounts for Hurricane Victims

Enerlites Hurricane Disaster Relief
Enerlites announces special discounts on all its products for hurricane victims in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. This offer is valid through 31 Dec 2017.
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Dateline - Enerlites, Irvine, CA
SEPTEMBER 25, 2017.


high speed usb charger  61150-TR2USB-CU
Enerlites introduces 61150-TR2USB-CU- the industries only USB charging receptacle with interchangeable USB modes, and the highest total amperage output of 4.8A. Our USB charging receptacles are one of the only devices on the market able to quick charge two iPad’s simultaneously.
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Venue - Washington State Convention & Trade Center, 705 Pike St, Seattle, WA 98101
October 8- 10, 2017
Booth: 1806

Enerlites is Exhibiting at NECA 2017

NECA Trade Show 2017
Join Enerlites at NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association) 2017 trade show. NECA is the largest annual event for the electrical construction industry in the North America. Being a leading designer and manufacturer of lighting devices and lighting controls, Enerlites will utilize the opportunity to display its energy-efficient products. These products include the patented interchangeable USB receptacles and industry's first ever PIR/Humidity Sensor combination. The convention attracts electrical construction professionals from all over the world. The attendees get various opportunities to learn about new innovative products, as well as discuss the advanced technology trends with industry leaders. About 300+ electrical manufacturers and distributors are gearing up to showcase their solutions and products to electrical contractors.

4 Reasons to Stop at Booth No.1806 at NECA October 2017

  • Get introduced to various energy-saving devices. Also, you can see the following show stopper products:
    • PIR/Humidity Sensor Switch: This is a dual technology PIR/humidity sensor switch with an adjustable humidity setting. There is a separate control for light and fan. The PIR/humidity sensor switch is UL/UCL listed and complies with California Title 24. It is offered with a 2-year warranty.
    • Interchangeable Colors Dual USB Charger: It is tamper resistant duplex receptacle featuring dual 4.8A USB charger. The dual smart USB charger enables charging dual iPads simultaneously. The charger is UL listed, and backed with a 2-year warranty.
  • Get answers for your queries on why, how, and when’s of the products on display.
  • Interact with Enerlites’ experts to learn about improving productivity of your facility with various energy-saving products.
  • Learn how Enerlites can increase your margins and save your efforts and time during installations.

Who is Attending NECA 2017?

  • Inspectors, Journeymen, Distributors, Apprentice
  • Supervisors, Safety Directors, Estimators, Foreman
  • Electrical Project Managers, Purchasing Agents, C-Level Executives,
  • Other Electrical Industry Decision Makers

NECA Event Schedule: October 8 -10, 2017

  • Sunday, Oct. 8 – 11:30am – 5:00pm
  • Mon, Oct. 9 – 11:30am – 4:00pm
  • Tues, Oct. 10 – 9:00am – 1:00pm

  • For more details about NECA October 2017, please visit NECA 2017.

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    Dateline - Enerlites, Irvine, CA
    May 30, 2017.

    NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT - Wireless Plug Load Control

    Enerlites Wireless Plug Load Controller is designed with simplicity, and helps to make plug load control requirements easy to understand, implement, and operate. Plug Load Control requirements are being driven by expanded codes and standards with the common goal of energy efficiency. These requirements often pose challenges when planning the layout of a building, constructing electrical systems, and identifying controlled receptacles. Plug load control can be easily achieved by installing the Enerlites Controlled Plug Load into the branch existing wiring system and paired with the Plug Load Controller Wireless PIR Occupancy Sensor. The two are bound by a reliable wireless, RF connection.

    The Controlled Receptacle features an internal relay for switching the plug load on/off according to the sensor's occupancy or vacancy detection. Plug Load Receptacle should be installed to switch outlets used for task lighting, monitor, flat screen TV, and non-essential equipment in private offices, conference rooms, open offices, lunch rooms and break rooms and other areas in commercial buildings.

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    Dateline - Registrar Daily
    March 23, 2017.

    Enerlites mentioned as leading manufacturer in Global Timer Switch Market Report

    The report covers projection as well as evaluation for the Time Switch market on a global as well as regional level. The study offers Time Switch historic information of 2016 in addition to a forecast from 2017 to 2022 based upon both quantity (Million Units) as well as revenue (USD Million)... The Global Timer Switch Market reports gives important perceptions into global Timer Switch industry...
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    Dateline - Enerlites, Irvine, CA
    January 4, 2017.


    LED dimmer switch
    Enerlites would like to introduce our NEW 51300 LED dimmer! This newly design attractive LED dimmer allows you to control any LED, CFL, Incandescent or Fluorescent light.
  • Specifications
  • Single Pole / Three-Way
  • Incandescent & Halogen bulbs 700W
  • Dimmable LED & CFL bulbs up to 150W
  • Compatible with most high efficacy light bulb
  • Rated At 120V AC, 60Hz
  • Unique mini paddle switch with side light level slider
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