Plug Load Control Overview

Project Solutions for Plug Load Control Applications


Many national and local energy codes now require automatic shut-off controls for electrical receptacles / outlets when devices are plugged into them but not being used, hence the name “Plug Load Control”. The NEC, ASHRAE, CA Title 24, NEMA and other electrical and energy governing bodies have already enacted and are working to enact new standards across the country. If the terminology “plug load control” is unfamiliar to you, now is the time to catch up because this technology and these requirements for commercial buildings are not going away.

The current energy efficiency drive is to capture additional electrical savings by implementing receptacle, electrical outlets or plug load control to automatically ensure that the electric output or plug loads are turned off when spaces become vacant.

Standards such as CA Title 24 - 2013 and ASHRAE 90.1 - 2010, 2013 now require that at least 50 percent of all 15 amp and 20 amp receptacles in designated spaces of a building be “controllable”. Which means electrical outlets need to be able to automatically turn themselves off and on as needed! Plug-in power strips with on and off buttons can no longer be used to “control” receptacles.

Products not in use or on standby account for as much as 25 percent of total electrical consumption or waste of electricity in commercial buildings. The idea is to reduce this phantom usage or waste of electrical consumption while products are in standby modes. Products such as computers, laptops, fax machines, monitors, hand held devices, desk-side fans still draw power even in an off state.

There are a variety of tactics and strategies for providing plug load control. One of the simplest and most cost effective approaches for building contractors or property management companies is to simply control receptacle output, better known as Plug Load Control. Enerlites has a variety of plug load control devices and is making it easy for builders and installers to quickly implement solutions so they can meet local code requirements.

Our Plug Load Control Products Include:

2. Occupancy vacancy sensors for large and small offices
3. High bay warehouse occupancy vacancy sensors


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