Industrial Warehouses

Project Lighting Solutions for Warehouses


According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), electricity now accounts for 61% of all energy consumed in commercial buildings. The good news is, we can help. With such a high percentage of electricity being consumed, we have the lighting control products that can help. Companies can save substantial amounts of money, directly improving their bottom lines by installing some key lighting control products manufactured by Enerlites, Inc.

From warehouse environments that are thousands of square feet to hundreds of thousands of square feet, controlling lighting zones with light motion sensors and occupancy sensors can be a cost effective and easy fix. Even if your warehouse receives natural lighting, our high bay ceiling sensors can turn on lights when natural lighting levels decrease to much and workers come into the area. Optimal levels of lighting can be controlled at all times with energy and money savings built in.

If you are retrofitting older spaces or building new warehouse areas, we have solutions for a large variety of applications such as high ceilings or wall sensors for added manual control. Our wiring devices and lighting solutions meet national building code requirements, UL listed and comply with California Tile 24 conditions. Our energy saving controls can also help in meeting any LEED requirements that you may be trying to achieve in your projects.

Whether your warehouse is used to store products, is a pick and pack center or used for product assembly, proper lighting can improve productivity, help decrease costly mistakes and create a safer work environment. Frequently warehouses are the last areas to receive upgraded lighting and lighting controls, so industrial warehouses may present a large untapped area for improvements and cost savings in the form of lighting controls.

Enerlites, Inc. offers a complete line of durable, efficient and cost effective solutions for your industrial warehouse environment. Our energy saving, environmentally friendly products can help reduce the amount of energy you waste, translating into real savings and reducing your monthly expenses.

Our high bay ceiling sensors are ideal for:

1. Small or large scale warehouses
2. Shipping and storage centers
3. Assembly and fulfillment centers
4. Pick and pack warehouses
5. Manufacturing centers


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