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LED Dimmer Switches

Smarter lighting solutions like dimmers have gained popularity in recent years, equally relevant for commercial buildings and domestic spaces. Yes, the primary function of dimmers is helping you effortlessly control the intensity of light but Enerlites dimmers do a lot more.

With Enerlites, you get the assurance of finding precision-performing dimmers of all types. From leading-edge dimmers for inductive loads to trailing-edge dimmers for capacitive loads, Enerlites has the most comprehensive online dimmer inventory. Enerlites provides the complete range of contemporary dimming switches for LED and CFL lamps. You will find dimmers for single fixtures and for large or small lighting groups. Some dimmers might resemble a paddle switch while others might appear like traditional toggles but each of Enerlites dimmers packs the best in modern dimmer technology.

Enerlites LED slide dimmer control switch underlines how Enerlites continues to innovate and impress in the niche of smarter, almost automated electrical solutions. These LED Dimmers help you save time and money apart from being rather versatile. Enerlites dimmers come with impressive aesthetics. They become a part of the existing décor and contribute towards making it more impressive.

Find lighting dimmers that combine smooth micro movements for dimming the lights with a soft tap. A gentles press is sufficient to adjust lighting intensity. You get the perfect dimmers that come without installation hassles like extensive wiring overhauls. For instance, Enerlites decorator light dimmer comes with the simplest on/off switch that allows you to set the desired level of brightness in a room.

Slide-action of Enerlites LED slide dimmers allow precise and smooth operation while the pristine white finish ensures it looks aesthetically correct on any colored wall. The inventory here includes dimmer switches for different LED and CFL wattages. Housing of Enerlites LED Dimmers is meant to fit all standard wall box openings. You can use Enerlites LED switch for more conventional incandescent or halogen lights too.

Please bear in mind that each Enerlites LED slide dimmer is rated for 120V AC, 60Hz unless otherwise noted. Compatible with most high efficiacy light bulbs, LED dimmer switch by Enerlites is ETL Listed and comes with smartly configured, preset functions. From kitchen dimmers where illumination demands oscillate between dull lighting to high wattage overhead lighting for cutting tasks to hallways that are usually brightly lit, Enerlites range of dimmers has an answer for every requirement out there…

Features at a Glance:

  • Sleek look: Enerlites dimmers are invariably slim. Compact design makes them suitable for standard wall-boxes or multi-gang installations
  • Hassle-free dimmers: LED Slide Dimmer Control comes with longer mounting strap for easier and more rigid installation. No expenditure on detailed wiring overhauls
  • Protected by warranty: Enerlites Dimming Switches for LEDs are protected by a limited 2-year warranty
  • Multipurpose Single Pole/Three-Way Dimmers: can be used to simply turn lights on/off and control their intensity as a single pole switch or can be used for controlling light from 2/3 locations as a 3-way switch 
  • Dimmers with High Compatibility: can be used with the highest efficacy light bulbs
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