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Press Release

IRVINE, CA - May 01, 2019 

Enerlites Invites You!
Visit us at Light Fair Booth #3525 and see our new line of Wi-Fi Devices, PIR Sensors, Humidity Sensors and our patented modular USB Charging Receptacle.
While you are at our booth, scan your badge for a chance to win an iPad!

Light Fair Attendees who visit our booth will receive $350 off their next purchase of over $2500.

*Reps can transfer this offer to their distributors. Offers cannot be combined.

Light Fair International
May 21-22, 2019. 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
May 23, 2019. 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Pennsylvania Convention Center
1101 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19107 USA

Are you a Distributor, Contractor, or a Sales Rep and would like a ticket to the show to visit us? Simply email Evelyn at evelyn@enerlites.com to request your tickets and schedule a meeting at the show.



See and learn about our featured products

Our latest dimmer switch uses passive infrared technology to detect motion and react. It is designed to detect body motion which then triggers the load on. When no motion is detected for the set time delay, the load turns off automatically.
New designs to wall outlets allow for direct charging of USB devices. Our USB outlets replace standard wall outlets and eliminate the need for bulky adapters to charge up to 3 devices simultaneously while still leaving access to both outlets. The USB outlets have a total combined output of 5.8 amps, and can reach up to 2.4 amps individually. These create ideal high speed charging stations.
The Enerlites TR3USB-CU elevates the design of convenient charging stations. This in-wall receptacle replaces standard wall outlets with one receptacle and 3 USB ports capable of up to 5.8 amps combined. In addition, the patented modular design makes this ideal for high traffic and commercial areas with frequent use. Upkeep is simple by just pulling out and snapping in interchangeable modules, rather than changing out and rewiring an entire unit.
The smart Wi-Fi dimmer switch allows for remote control of lights, as well as saving customized light settings and grouping them in scenes with other smart devices. This new dimmer provides an easy way to control home lighting from anywhere. Dimming lights can also save on energy costs. Monitoring light usage from the convenience of the mobile app allows for constant contact and control. Single pole or 3-way usage options are available.
Our all new smart Wi-Fi switch converts an existing switch to a smart switch. This switch can be used to control power to appliances such as a light or fan. Wireless control is enabled over Wi-Fi using our free app, or integrating with your existing Amazon Alexa or Google Home and using voice commands.
Enerlites is proud to add to its smart home ecosystem an energy monitoring smart outlet. With the WF15RM, users can customize and save scenes, set schedules, run timers, and use other advanced features. This tamper-resistant duplex receptacle has one always on outlet and one controlled outlet. It enables remote control of electronic appliances and energy monitoring with its built-in smart meter to optimize efficiency.