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Lighting Solutions
Commercial Lighting & Controls in Industrial Applications
Warehouse lighting is more than just illumination - it promotes a safe work environment, boosts productivity, and reduces operational costs.
Lighting accounts for the largest percentage of energy consumption in a warehouse. In order to decrease operational costs and improve your return on investment, having an effective energy management plan is crucial. The good news is, we can help. Enerlites offers the right solutions to promote a productive and safe work environment, reducing energy costs while addressing energy code requirements and improving energy efficiency.
Ceiling Sensors
Enerlites Ceiling Sensor Switches work on a simple approach—when you pass into or out of a sensor zone, the motion detector triggers the lights. Lights are kept on as long as occupancy is detected. After a set time delay and no motion/occupancy is detected, the lights automatically turn off. Combining Passive Infrared (PIR) and ultrasonic technologies, these Lighting Sensors, mounted on the ceiling, have an unobtrusive appearance that blends discretely into the ceiling.
Enerlites, Inc. offers a complete line of durable, efficient and cost-effective solutions for your industrial warehouse environment. Our energy saving, environmentally friendly products can help reduce the amount of energy you waste, translating into real savings and reducing your monthly expenses.
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