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Lighting Solutions
Project Solutions for Residential Builders, General Contractors, and Planned Communities
Brighten up homes with upgraded fixtures to illuminate modern, energy-efficient lifestyles.
Simple household devices we interact with everyday, such as light switches or receptacles, are often an afterthought when looking to upgrade the appearance of a space. However, the smallest details really do make the biggest difference on aesthetics and with proper planning - provides greater return on investment. Enerlites offers a wide variety of cost-effective, energy-efficient products designed for the homes of the future. Our devices are available in stylish, matching colors to create cohesive aesthetics, and they offer technologies that expand the meanings of comfort and convenience in the home. From eco-friendly scalable lighting and guide light solutions to full smart-home automation, our high-quality, competitively priced wiring devices are accessible to home builders and interior designers of any kind.
Whether you are constructing a custom home for a single-family or designing a uniform condominium complex, Enerlites offers matching wall switches, outlets, and wall plates to create cohesive aesthetics. Take your home upgrades to the next level with WiFi or Z-Wave devices for complete home automation. Smart home devices allow the homeowner to create custom scenes for mornings, dinner parties, bedtime, and more - and it can all be controlled easily from the comfort of their smartphone.
Family Rooms & Living Spaces
Since the family room is typically the heart of any home, you will want to make sure it’s equipped with everything the modern family may need. Install dimming light switches to set the perfect movie-watching mood or upgrade your regular wall outlets to tamper-resistant USB charging receptacles for simplified phone charging. All of our devices are designed and tested to meet the strictest building codes and standards and ensure the utmost safety of residents of all ages. Our devices are all UL listed and often California Title 24 compliant to ensure both safety, energy efficiency, and longevity no matter the application.
Master Bedroom Suites
Some like to keep bedroom designs simple, but Enerlites offers all the bells and whistles for those looking to create the ultimate master bedroom. Install USB wall outlets for adapter-free charging and a dimmer switch to ensure the lighting is always perfect. Dimming switches “remember” the last light level used so that the lights always turn on to the perfect brightness the next time. For total luxury, install a motion sensor switch in the walk-in closet to give the gifts of convenience and energy savings simultaneously.
Childrens’ and Guests’ Bedrooms
Similar to the master bedroom, additional rooms in the home can benefit from the convenience of full-range dimmer light switches and USB wall outlets. This makes it easy for your guests to charge their USB devices or set the mood without unplugging a lamp. You can also give children’s bedrooms an added layer of comfort with guide light receptacles. The long-lasting LEDs offer a low illumination that turns on automatically and makes the perfect night light for little ones.
Bathrooms and Hallways
Many lighting solutions make bathrooms and hallways easier to navigate for residents of all ages. Enerlites offers several different guide light devices, including guide light switches and receptacles. Guide light devices turn on automatically when in dark locations, and they can be used to illuminate a hallway or bathroom to avoid stumbling in the dark. Three-way switches are another way to enhance safety in a hall or stairway, as they allow lights to be controlled from two separate locations.
Outdoor Living Areas
Enerlites lighting solutions aren’t just for inside the home, but for patios, porches, and other outdoor living spaces. No patio is quite complete without lighting, and the best way to offer that is with motion-activated light sensors or programmable timer switches. Motion sensor switches can detect occupancy or vacancy of an area to ensure the lights are only on when needed. Timer switches, on the other hand, allow users to pre-schedule ON/OFF settings for outdoor lighting or control sprinkler systems.
Garage and Tool Shed
You can even modernize a home garage or backyard tool shed with a little help from Enerlites. Conserve energy and add convenience to these areas with motion-activated lighting controls or countdown timer switches that will shut off automatically. Enerlites also offers heavy-duty, weatherproof outlet covers that are perfect for homeowners’ outdoor tools and various backyard projects.
Lighting control offers energy efficiency while beautifying homes. Enerlites line of eco-friendly dimmers and lighting control systems allow users to set their preferred lighting levels, thus reducing electricity usage and extending bulb life. You can save energy without sacrificing cost, all while delivering innovative products like USB charging receptacles, guide lights, motion sensors, and full home automation. With so many modern devices to choose from, it will be easy to create comfortable, stylish homes at a competitive price point.
Whether you are building single or multi-family homes, custom homes, planned communities, or townhouses - let our experts advise you and help create winning solutions and designs. Set yourself apart from other residential builders with Enerlites lighting controls and wiring devices.
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