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Enerlites’ high quality and energy efficient products are ideal for home builders, architects, electricians, developers, contractors, and energy service organizations. We are confident that our products will meet your specifications, are easy to install and can be operated by all professionals.
Quality You Can Trust
Enerlites products go through rigorous testing to ensure safety and longevity throughout your facility's lifecycle. We take pride in our work so that our devices comply with all manufacturing requirements and National Electric Codes. Our devices pass all applicable UL, ETL, FCC, Title 20 & 24, and other energy efficiency tests.
Solutions Made For You
Consumer needs and evolving technology standards are the driving forces of innovation and production at Enerlites. We are driven to create efficient spaces our clients can rely on to improve the consumers' quality of life. With over 700 products to choose from, you'll find the perfect solution for retrofit projects or new construction builds.
Lighting Controls & Wiring Devices
As an engineering and design company, We are committed to delivering innovative, technologicaly advanced products without compromising safety and cost.
How can we assist you?
Our Design Engineers are happy to help select the right solutions for your project.
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